5 Essential Items…

For Every Man’s Vehicle and For the Family Car

A Basic Toolkit

It is always a good idea to have the necessities right in your car. Remind your significant other or children who are driving to do the same. You may want to take a moment to teach them how to use some of the tools too.

First Aid Kit

If your child injures themselves, or a passenger, it is a good thing to have this kit on hand. Especially with the colder months coming, you can never be too safe.

Spare Tire With Tire Iron

This may seem like something more women may not think about, but just make sure you and the family car has what they need in the trunk in case an emergency arises.

Jumper Cables

Even if you’re lucky enough to never need them yourself, you can be the one to save another stranded motorist.


Keeping money on you is a great thing if you have to go through an unexpected toll, get hungry, or need to park and they do not take cards.

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