The 5 Essential Wardrobe Pieces

A gentleman’s style is always evolving and changing. While there’s room for style expansion certain pieces are timeless and necessary to have a complete look. Here are a few necessities.

A White Button Down Shirt
White shirt

There’s very little that won’t go with a button down shirt. Worn with a suit, or paired with jeans for a more casual look, this is the most versatile item in your wardrobe. Opt for a shirt cut from thick, soft cotton.

The Timepiece
Gucci watch

The easiest way to show that you mean business is by the watch you use to pull off your suit, dress down look, or business casual attire. It is the spark that every man needs.

The Sport Coat
Sport coat

For those in-between occasions when you should wear a jacket but don’t need to wear a suit, the sport coat is the answer. It sharpens up a look while keeping things on the not too dressy side.

The Everyday Bag
Everyday bag
Modern times call for a bag that can go anywhere and do anything. Something that’s solid and shows you mean business, is ideal. Shop around until you find the bag that matches your taste and style.

The Trench Coat
Trench coat

Lifted from the military in early 20th Century, the trench coat is certainly stylish, along with being an incredibly functional piece of outerwear that can keep you dry and warm when the weather gets chilly.

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