Brow Grooming

A clean look includes a gentleman’s brows too. You do not have to take on a strict ritual, but it is important to keep them neat and nice looking.

Simply brush your brows up, you can use your fingers, and you’ll notice that some hairs stand longer than the rest. Slowly trim them horizontally. Once you brush them all back into place, you’ll notice a difference right away. This may be enough to get the job done depending on the thickness of your brows.

You may not want to do this yourself, or you may grab the tweezers before bed or starting your day and remove any haywire hairs. Your barber may do the job for you if you request it.

The Next Step
You may want to clean them up even more by tacking the hairs outside of your natural hair line. This isn’t to give you an arch, but an even cleaner look.

Trim, tweeze and detail — but only when needed. Remember, gently groom, that’s all to it. This is a great way to balance your facial features and create an even more smoother and masculine look.

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