Stepping Into Fall: The Loafers Edition

Finding the right pair of loafers to match your style is an instant upgrade for your wardrobe. Not only are they a classic, but they are comfortable and undeniably cool. They are also a perfect look for the fall season. The most fashionable men in history considered the loafer to be their go-to, thinking of it as an instantly sophisticated style trick.

Penny loafer


The versatility of this shoe makes it an easy pick for many. This is the most classic of all the styles. The penny loafer has a leather strap across the top of the shoe, designed with a diamond-shaped slot that can hold a small coin. Although there are several theories as to why the diamond gap in the shoe exists, it holds its place as a fashion legend as the gentlemen’s shoe.

Tassel loafer


The tassel loafer’s origins trace back to 1950, and were a result of experimentation with design, subsequently becoming a hit in menswear. From the looks of it it’s easy to understand why it is still a staple item.


Apron loafer


From the name itself, these loafers are identifiable by visible stitches or edges that finish off the toe, forming a sort of “apron” like shape along the front of the shoe. This is a shoe that stands out for its design and comfort.

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