Three Books Every Man Should Read

Book The-Wisdom-of-SecurityThe Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts
This classic is a man’s quest for psychological security, examining the efforts to find spiritual and intellectual certainty in the realms of religion and philosophy. It touches on the importance of finding stability in an age where human life seems particularly vulnerable and uncertain. It is a great read for men of all ages, as the quest for growth should never stop.


The AlchemistThe Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
One of the best-selling books in history; it is packed with inspiration and messages that can be applied to life’s journey. The Alchemist is an exciting novel that bursts with optimism. It tells you that everything is possible as long as you really want it to happen. It is a great book a man can give to their children to read as well.


What Makes Great GreatWhat Makes the Great GREAT by Dennis Kimbro
Knowledge often comes from others. Dr. Kimbro is known for imparting wisdom in his own words, but in this book he lets readers learn from others. Here he explores the strategies and thought processes of successful African-Americans. Through dozens of interviews and the inspirational stories of people like John H. Johnson, Publisher of Ebony magazine, Condoleeza Rice, Provost of Stanford University, and Ann Fudge, President of Maxwell House Coffee, Dr. Kimbro outlines the nine strategies that determine success.

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