Traveling Light

Traveling Light

With the holiday season approaching, and people wanting to get away from the colder weather, it is essential to pack for traveling where it is less hassle on you. Below are some tips to help you with business and leisure travel.

Just The Must Haves

Write out a list and stick to it. You cannot plan for things that may come up, but you can plan out your trip pretty well according to the reason you are traveling, and what you plan to wear. Focus on the true essentials only.

1 Week Max

It’s much easier to do laundry than to carry weeks’ worth of clothing. Pick some multipurpose favorites with a simple color palette so that you can easily mix and match.


Focus on items that will be useful to you all the time, and think twice about anything you’ll use only on specific occasions.

Accessories and how many you need:

Neckties — one for each day of the trip

Pocket squares — one plain white, and one or two more in color

Socks — one pair per day, matched to the trousers

Underwear — one pair per day

Undershirts — one a day

Belts — one to match each pair of shoes you bring, besides sneakers

Toiletries – use a Dopp Kit to pack them all in


Happy Traveling!

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