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5 Trendy Beard Styles for Men in 2020

Just like the hair on your head, there are countless beard styles to choose from. Don’t just choose the shape or length that looks good on someone else, choose a beard that makes you look and feel your best. Here are the top picks for 2020. 

Goatee Beard

1. Goatee Beard

If a full beard isn’t the right fit for you but you are bored with a traditional goatee, consider a goatee beard. You keep the goatee you love, allowing the hair on your upper lip and chin to grow out to your desired fullness. Then, you maintain groomed stubble along your cheeks and jawline. Personalize the goatee section by experimenting with different shapes of clean patches below your lip line. From rounded to squared, and angular shapes. Also, experiment with the lines of your stubble. Allow them to grow naturally and clean up the edges, create shape with your sideburns and edges, or just keep a chinstrap. If you are ready to say goodbye to your goatee but don’t want a full beard, maintain a close-cut beard with flattering and stylized edges. 

Short And Shaped

2. Short And Shaped

Like goatees and close-cut beards, short and shaped beards are easy to manage. With the increased popularity of growing out facial hair, many companies have revised their beard policies to include groomed stubble, goatees, and short beards. A short beard is typically less than an inch in length, even at its longest point. While short, you still need to consider the most flattering beard shape. The shorter your beard the easier it is to maintain at home, but at least head to the barber to determine which shape looks best on you. When you want to mix things up a bit your barber will suggest different ways to reshape the edges and overall shape or help you select a new beard style. 

Rounded Or Squared Beard

3. Rounded Or Squared Beard

While it’s freeing to let your beard grow naturally, an unkempt beard can leave you looking disheveled. By shaping your longer beard you can rock length and look stylized. The shape that is the most flattering for your shorter beard may not be as flattering as your beard grows longer. Shorter beards are often shaped to follow your natural face shape, but the longer your beard, the less your natural chin and jawline factor in. 

With length, your beard becomes an extension of your face. Its shape can complement or contrast with your hairstyle, elongate your face, and make your face look fuller or slimmer. When choosing between rounded and squared you must also consider your hair type and texture. How curly, frizzy, thick, full, or thin your beard hair is will factor into your decision. Finally, when choosing between square and rounded you must decide if you want to taper your beard or if it will be fully rounded or squared. 

Beard With A Fade

4. Beard With A Fade

A fun new beard trend inspired by a timeless hair trend is creating a beard of any length or shape with a fade. The fade begins at the sideburns and extends down in a variety of stylized designs. This option is an excellent way to personalize your beard and create the most flattering finish. Fades work for every length and style of beard, including scruff, and is popular for weighted beards where the mustache is minimal, and the beard is low, short to medium, and sculpted. You can trim and clean up the edges yourself, but the faded section is difficult to master, so you’ll need to head to the barber every 6 weeks. 

Au Natural

5. Au Natural

With the rise in working from home, even before the pandemic, conforming to a dress code is of less concern. This has many men letting their beard grow au natural. Au natural doesn’t necessarily mean completely unkempt. It could be any combination of embracing patches and uneven growth, letting it grow but keeping your neck and edges clean, or letting your beard grow free—with a stylized mustache or mouth area. 

Trendy Beard Styles for Men in 2020

Which Beard Is Right For You? 

Face shape and hair type play a vital role in deciding which of these trending beards will look best on you. This is the primary reason we advise that you head to a barber every 6 to 8 weeks. If you are growing out your first beard, let it grow free for at least 3 weeks, only cleaning up your neck and edges. Then, even if it’s not yet the length you want—head into a barber to discuss which style looks best on you, what grooming tools are required, and what products you need to add to your daily routine. Yes, even with nothing more than stubble you need to apply beard oil every time you wash your face. 

Speaking of your daily routine, you need to ensure that your beard fits into your lifestyle. For example, your beard can get in the way of some sports and the longer your beard the more food particles will find its way in—making hygiene a must.  In addition to heading to the barber, you will need to learn proper beard care.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Wash your face and beard every morning, evening, and after you workout with a beard-safe wash
  • Apply a leave-in beard conditioner daily, or no less than 2 days per week
  • Apply beard oil every time you wash to rehydrate both your beard and your face
  • As your beard reaches mid-length or if your skin is dry, layer a beard balm on too
  • For shape, hold, and to evenly distribute your product, brush or comb your beard after applying your oil or balm
  • Clean the edges as needed, trim stray hairs once a week with scissors, and use clippers every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain shape
  • Head to the barber every 6 to 8 weeks for more refined shaping


To simplify your grooming routine Uncle Jimmy’s has created a gentle but effective Hair, Beard, And Body Wash. We even have Hair, Beard, and Body Bundles to simplify your daily grooming routine. Here’s to your stylized beard! 



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