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5 Unconventional Uses For Your Premium Beard Oil

You may have purchased your beard oil to moisturize and maintain your facial hair, but a premium beard oil can do so much more! Packed with skin and hair-healthy natural oils there are a variety of ways to utilize oil for skin care and grooming. Here are 5 unconventional uses you may not have considered. 

Uncle Jimmy Beard Oil Ingredients

What’s In Beard Oil?

You may have noticed that the women in your life apply oils to their hair and skin topically for a variety of reasons. Now you can too!

Let’s begin by discussing what beard oil is, as most other grooming products should only be used as directed. Not all oil is created equally, so it depends on the product you are using. Uncle Jimmy’s premium beard oil contains a mix of topicals-safe natural oils and ingredients:

  • Black Seed Oil
  • Honey 
  • Sesame Seed Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Soybean Oil
  • Radish Seed Oil
  • Honey Oil
  • Fragrance
  • Shea Butter 

Use Uncle Jimmy Beard Oil as a Pre-Shave Oil

1. Pre-Shave Oil

If your skin is sensitive, dry, or you are prone to razor burns or ingrown hairs—apply oil before and after you shave. As always, shave on a clean face, with a clean razor, and after you shower when your skin and facial hair are warm and easier to shave. However, these proactive steps may not be enough for a clean and smooth shave if your skin is sensitive or dry. So, before you lather on your shave cream or shave gel apply a thin coat of beard oil.

The oil will:

  • Soften your facial hair
  • Moisturize your dry skin
  • Lift facial hair for a closer shave
  • Minimize razor burn and ingrown hairs
  • Promote a smooth and comfortable shave

Use Uncle Jimmy as pre Manscaping Oil

2. Manscaping Oil

It’s not something we talk about as often as our facial hair, but there are many other areas that need hair removal—such as ears, nose, neck, chest, back, and down there. These areas are prone to the same irritations as your face, so applying oil pre-and-post shave can make for a more comfortable shave, as well as promoting the same bullet points as the list above. 

To further improve your shave, ensure you have an area-specific manual razor or electric shaver. If you are using a manual razor, keep in mind that the blade may need to be swapped out sooner when shaving larger areas of body hair. Just like your beard, you may want to have a professional complete the initial wax or hair removal and perform the maintenance yourself. 

Make Your Bald Head Shine with Uncle Jimmy Beard Oil

3. Make Your Bald Head Shine

Whether bald is simply your style or you decided to shave your head as your hairline began to recede, you must care for your scalp. You can cleanse daily with Uncle Jimmy’s Hair, Beard and Body Wash. Once you pop out of the shower, keep your bald head healthy, shiny, and sexy by applying a thin layer of beard oil.

4. Hair And Beard Mask

If your facial hair or the hair on your beard is dry or damaged, you can use your beard oil as a hair and beard mask. Oil can restore moisture, repair damage, and seal your hair’s cuticle as a protective layer. For healthy hair, it is a proactive approach to keeping your hair looking its best. 

Beard Mask—an overnight oil mask will provide intense hydration for your facial hair. It will improve shine and make your beard feel softer. After washing your face as usual in the evening, apply twice the amount of beard oil as usual. Comb it through and keep it in overnight. Cleanse your face in the morning to rinse out the excess oil. Follow up with your regular application of beard oil. Applying a beard mask once a week is ideal for dry or damaged beards and every week or two to keep healthy facial hair looking its best. 

Hair Mask—you may have seen commercials for hot oil treatments, but there’s no need to purchase a separate product. Simply place your beard oil bottle in a mug of faucet-hot water and heat for 2 to 3 minutes, until the oil is warm. Apply a generous amount of oil to your hair and comb or brush it through. Leave the oil on for 20 minutes, applying a shower cap or towel for extra heat and to better seal in hydration. Then pop in the shower and shampoo and condition as usual. Once a week is ideal for dry and damaged beards, and every week or two to keep healthy hair looking its best. 

Cuticle Oil for Men

5. Cuticle Oil

You aren’t alone if you head to the spa for a regular or occasional manicure and pedicure. To keep your nails looking their best in between, use your beard oil as cuticle oil. Yes, you can purchase a separate cuticle oil, but there’s no need for an additional grooming product. 

Your cuticles are the thin layer of lighter-colored dead skin between your fingernails and the skin on your hand. If your cuticles overgrow, they can make your nails look less than their best. However, cutting off this dead skin is not suggested as it acts as a protective layer. So, apply oil to clean nails and cuticles daily, or at least once per week. After at least 60 seconds, you can gently push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher, which you can find in the nail polish section of most stores. 

With regular use, you can:

  • Keep your cuticles healthy
  • Strengthen weak nails
  • Minimize brittle nails
  • Minimize hangnails
  • Stimulate nail growth

Uncle Jimmy Beard Growth Oil Ingredients

Looking For A Premium Beard Oil?

Always read the label of topical products, as those that contain synthetic ingredients are more likely to damage and dry your hair and skin. Uncle Jimmy has carefully developed a line of premium men’s grooming products, including standard beard oil and a beard growth oil. The difference between the two, is that the growth formula also contains biotin—to speed the growth of new or slow-growing beards. Both are premium products that are infused with natural ingredients to nourish, hydrate, and condition your hair and skin.


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