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How to look after your beard on the move

Looking after your beard day-to-day should be relatively straightforward. As long as you have the right products, you’re all set to go!

Travelling can complicate things though. Deciding what you need to take can be tricky as you need to prioritise.

This problem is set to become more common, with one study finding that international travel will increase by 35% over the next 10 years.

So how can you look after your beard when you’re on your travels? In this blog post, we’ve put some tips together to help you.

Grab a beard comb

Go for a comb, over a brush

There is a long running debate in the beard community. Comb or brush? Or both?

The one you choose is down to your own personal preference. Your beard length will also play a key part in your decision.

But when travelling, you need to make the most of your limited space. Therefore, there’s only one logical choice – a beard comb.

Why? They’re not as bulky as a brush. You can even buy a flip comb to save even more space in your wash bag.

Happy bearded guy sitting on luggage at top of mountain

Take just enough beard oil

If you didn’t know already, beard oil is great for your beard.

It can help to reduce itchiness and moisturises the skin underneath your beard, stopping it from becoming sore and irritated. This is even more important when you’re away in a hot or cold climate, as your skin and beard need protection from these extreme temperatures.

The big question is, how much beard oil should you take with you? A lot depends on the size of your beard, as bigger ones will obviously need more oil.

You also need to think about how long you’re away for. You don’t want to be running out, but you also don’t want to be carrying more than you need.

Generally, one 2oz bottle should be enough for a one-week holiday. If you do run out, you can always look in local stores for a product to tide you over until you get back.

Male traveler with a beard at the airport

Don’t take away too many products

When you’re going away, it can be tempting to take every beard product with you.

With an increasing amount of money being spent on them, it’s no surprise people want to take their beard products everywhere they go.

This is not always realistic though. Especially when you only have a small amount of hand luggage to work with.

Instead, you need to focus on just a few key products. These are:

  • Hair, beard and body wash – Why have 3 individual products when you can combine them all?
  • Beard oil – Just a 2oz bottle should be enough for your trip away.
  • Comb – Although a boar haired brush has its advantages, a flip beard comb will fit nicely in your back pocket.
  • Beard growth oil – This product is essential for those having problems growing their beard.

With the right products, keeping your beard looking its best on the move is easy.



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