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The Beard Boom

Some men grow them, and most women love them! Here’s a little history lesson and some fun facts on BEARDS.

Beards have always stood out as a symbol of masculinity and manhood. While they have been around, social media in particular, have become rather obsessed with them. Just like most things they have become trendier over the years. Yes they come and go, but as of right now they are flourishing among the urban and older crowds alike. Most ancient civilizations sported hair on their faces, those being of Lebanon and Egyptians decent being two of them. In ancient Egypt the rich and powerful grew beards, which were often dyed and sometimes plaited with interwoven gold thread. During the early 18th century most men, particularly amongst the nobility and upper classes, were clean-shaven.
 The 10 Most Popular Beard Types in the Uk Chart

The beard was reintroduced to mainstream society in the 1950s, and then with the hippie movement of the mid-1960s. In the mid to late 1960s and throughout the 1970s, beards were worn by hippies and businessmen alike. These days the popularity of beards has also turned into a way to help a good cause. No-Shave November helps to grow awareness by embracing hair, which many cancer patients lose. Participants are asked to donate money they would normally spend on keeping the facial hair off to help educate others about cancer and save lives.

Rather it is for style, comfort, or to help promote attention to a good cause, beards have a special place on faces, and in the hearts of many. They are the quickest way for a man to change and update his look, while also being a part of the in crowd. It is looking as if the beard boom has no signs of slowing down.

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