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Traveling Light

With the holiday season approaching, and people wanting to get away from the colder weather, it is essential to pack ...

Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Scalp

Your scalp’s health is very important. You may not think about it much but there are many reasons as to why you need ...

Product Feature: Curl Kicker

Every gentleman needs a product that gives the perfect definition to his hair’s texture, while also keeping his stran...

Finding The Perfect Hat For You

When buying a hat most men will first consider whether the prospective headgear matches their wardrobe. Next, they'll...

How To Buy A Watch

Think simple and timeless, something you can keep a long time, or pass down. Select a timepiece that is durable and g...

The Beard Boom

Popularity of beards has also turned into a way to help a good cause. No-Shave November helps to grow awareness by em...

The Wardrobe Changer: The Blazer

The blazer is an essential piece to any man’s wardrobe, with numerous styling options. The great versatility of the m...

Style On A Budget

Style is timeless and enduring. Stylish items may be slightly influenced by trends, however they endure and remain ap...

Beat the heat: caring for your skin

Sun exposure, wind, and dry air can all be very damaging to your skin. Taking care of your skin is vital, gentleman. ...

Product Spotlight Hair, Beard & Body Wash

A man’s skin and hair deserves products that will naturally improve and repair troubled areas, without harsh ingredie...

Putting Your Best Beard Forward

Beards are one of the best accessories on a man. They add class and style to any occasion. While many men may choose ...

Beard Gang: For the Love of Beards!

Hat’s off to all the Uncle Jimmy Men who showed up and showed the men how it was done!
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