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2018 – The Year of The Beard? How To Crush Your Beard Growth Goals For Good

Beards have seen a rise and fall in the history of fashion over the past few decades, but one thing is for sure – they’re back with a vengeance. From lighter beards to full, thick ones, more and more men have begun to abandon their clean-shaven cheeks for something a bit different. If you’re one of those men in search of greener pastures, look no further. Here are five key tips to crush your beard growth-related goals this year.

1.  Skincare is your best friend

As men, it isn’t uncommon for us to think of skincare as something only women do, or should do. Many men see any type of skincare - whether it be facials, cleansing or moisturizing – as ‘un-masculine.’ However, for the sake of our skin and our beards, we’ve got to do away with this almost-archaic ideology. 

Your beard grows from your skin. Obviously, that means that a healthy beard needs a foundation of healthy skin to grow and look its best. If you’ve been lacking in the skincare department, it’s time for you to finally develop a simple routine for your skin. Cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating can be all that you need to turn your skin around and create the best environment for fast beard growth. Don’t be nervous about heading to a beauty supply store for some help with choosing products – a sales rep can advise you on the right choices for your skin type and ensure that your #beardgrowthgoals become all the more attainable this year.

2.  Invest in a quality beard oil

Now that you’ve got your skin covered, it’s time to place special attention on your hair follicles themselves. One of the bearded man’s most powerful tools in his beard care arsenal is his beard oil. After showering and washing your facial hair, your natural oils are probably stripped away. This leaves your beard bare and susceptible to breakage and dryness. A good beard oil made with quality ingredients locks moisture into your beard hairs, keeping them soft. It also alleviates that dreaded beard itch and helps to keep flakes at bay.

A worthy beard oil is packed with hair-friendly nutrients. Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and argan oil are easily-absorbed oils that you should look for as a base in your beard oil. Here’s a tip: stay away from beard oils with a base that’s mostly made of mineral oil, as this clogs your pores and can weigh your beard down or make it unreasonably sticky to the touch. Other essential oils like lavender, orange and rosehip are great additions, and can also add a naturally pleasing scent to your beard. Keep in mind, though – a few drops are all you need, so don’t go overboard or might end up looking like an oily, greasy mess!

3.  Get your blood pumping


The word that might seem to sneak up on you no matter how much you try to avoid it. You might be wondering what exercise has to do with growing your beard, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you learn just how the two are connected.

When you exercise and get your heart rate going, your body releases the hormone testosterone. This hormone, as you might know, is directly related to just how much hair grows in certain areas of your body – like your chest, underarms, and you guessed it – your face! The more testosterone you produce, the faster your beard is likely to grow. What’s more, the increased blood circulation that happens in your body as a result of exercising brings essential nutrients to your beard follicles, feeding them with all that they need to grow healthy and strong. All the more reason to finallylive up to that New Year’s resolution.

4.  Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow

Growing a full, luscious beard doesn’t only take lots of beard oil. You’ve got to let your hair do what it does – grow. You won’t be able to see the true shape, density or follicle thickness of your beard if you’re constantly trimming or shaving away your progress. Let your beard run its course and allow yourself to take note of how it grows. Get used to the look, no matter how rugged or unkempt you may feel. The chances are, it’s not as bad as you think. If you absolutely have to clean up your beard because of your job or lifestyle, ask your barber to touch up as little as possible. Try to trim instead of shaving when you can in order to avoid an unevenly growing beard.

5.  Patience

None of the above are going to make your beard growth journey easy unless you have patience, and lots of it. At times, it will seem like your hair isn’t growing fast enough, is growing too patchy or looks too untidy in its baby stages. But a watched pot never boils… or rather, a watched beard never grows! Don’t be discouraged if your beard doesn’t seem to be growing at the same rate as that guy from your office, or one of your buddies.

Growing a beard takes perseverance, and your patience will pay off when you see just how much fuller your beard becomes as the months go by.

With these simple tips, growing the perfect beard doesn’t have to be rocket science. By adding these habits to your beard routine, you can finally begin to see the progress that you thought would never come. Make 2018 your year of the beard.

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