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What She Really Thinks Of Your Beard

Let’s get one thing straight: not all women have the same tastes and preferences when it comes to men. Some women like muscular men, while others prefer slim men. The same goes for beards. Some women clutch their pearls in delight at the sight of a well-groomed beard, while other women see a clean-shaven face as their ideal type. Fortunately for all of the bearded men out there, the number of women who appreciate our facial hair is always high. But exactly why do women think our beards are so appealing? You might be surprised at the most common thoughts women have when it comes to your beard. Keep reading to find out just what she might be thinking!

The epitome of masculinity  

Many women regard a beard as a sign of masculinity. Whether it’s light stubble, heavy stubble, a thick, groomed beard or an unruly one, women tend to see men with beards as possessing traditionally masculine traits such as strength, assertiveness and good leadership qualities, which is a majorturn on both mentally and physically.

Though masculine men are sexy to many women, keep in mind that there’s no pressure for you to be overly macho, aggressive or forward when it comes to your dealings with women. You make the beard, the beard doesn’t make you. Be yourself, and everything else will follow.

Husband material?

Get this: women often see men with beards as more likely to settle down and commit to marriage or a family. As shocking as it may seem, there’s just something about a beard that has the ability to make a man appear more nurturing – depending on how it is groomed, of course!

This can also possibly be because some women associate bearded men with their own father figures in their life – their fathers, uncles or even grandfathers. As subconscious as this may be, women can often then see a bearded man and be reminded of those father figures. Interesting? Very. Strange? Not at all! Social and environmental factors majorly influence what we all are attracted to, and women are no exception to this effect.

Maturity rules

A beard ages you, but in this case, it’s certainly not a bad thing! Men with beards are often seen as being more mature. To other people, it might seem that a bearded man is more capable of holding meaningful conversations, taking things seriously, being understanding and approaching situations the right way. Women might feel more compelled to strike up friendly conversation with you, or even to make the first move to show their interest in you. Being mature in the eyes of women has its perks, whether it’s in the workplace or in a romantic relationship.

An irresistible air of confidence

A beard itself might not be enough to give off that self-confident aura, but when you take the time to ensure that your outfit and hair are just as well put-together as your facial hair, women see you as a man who oozes confidence. Our beards make us feel good, and when you feel good, youlookeven better. Your stride, your posture and the way you survey a room full of people as you walk into it can be the difference between barely catching anyone’s eye and having all eyes on you.

Keep in mind, though, that confident does not equal cocky. Women won’t hesitate to deny you the time of day if you come across as excessively arrogant. Never let your ego speak louder than it needs to. Learn to master this, and you’ll be amazed at how much more attractive you seem.

Pride in your look 

Much too often, men throw together outfits without care, don’t bother to groom themselves properly and pronounce it ‘rugged.’ To women, however, it’s just pronounced ‘shabby,’ and it’s a sign of a lack of care about how a man presents himself. When it comes to beards, and well-groomed beards at that – it shows that you take pride in the way that you look. Gone are the days when a well-groomed man had to be called ‘metrosexual’ for people to understand it. Listen well, all of you guys out there – grooming is sexy to women, and it’s time to get with the program. 

A free spirit

Though this can depend on how you style your hair and what outfits you choose, the slightly rugged beard has become the sign of an open-minded, free-spirited man. This might be influenced by the stereotype of the ‘hippie’ guy. You’ve seen it before – scruffy beard, long locks and a love for anything to do with nature and the earth.

Women are drawn to open-mindedness. To them, an open-minded man is open-minded not only in love, but in life itself. His ideas are progressive, he is open to learning new things, and he’s open to evolving. To them, it can be like hitting the jackpot.

Good things take time

Forget just how stylish and trendy your beard is for a second, and think about all of the hard work it took to transform it into how it looks today. You know just how much time and patience it took for you to grow that awesome beard, and guess what? She will too. Women see men with full, developed beards as having lots of patience and determination. To her, your dedication to your beard will reflect on a lot of other things, like your work ethic, your dedication in life and your patience with her.


Women have many reasons for finding beards sexy, and it doesn’t always boil down to just the general aesthetic of a great beard. From your attitude in life to your eligibility as a partner, your beard can carry you far in the dating world – so be sure to keep it looking its very best!

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