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5 Steps to Winter Beard Care

What better way to prepare for winter than to grow personalized protection for your face? That’s right! We’re talking about a nice, full beard to protect you from chilly temperatures, wind, snow, rain, and UV rays when you decide to take advantages of those outdoor sports. Here are the 5 steps to winter beard care that you must take advantage of this season! 

Man taking a shower with a beard

Step #1: Skip the hot water

You might be thinking, “Wait, what?” Nearly everyone enjoys that nice steamy shower after coming in from any frigid day outdoors. However, did you know that a hot shower or just hot water in general is the number one thing that strips your hair and skin of its natural oils? If you experience dry, brittle hair and/or itchy skin then this is likely the reason why. Check out more on why your beard might be itchy in How to Stop Your Beard from Itching.

Now, of course, this doesn’t mean you have to take ice cold showers, but it does mean that you should take it easy on the scorching hot water. Cooler water whenever possible can help to seal cuticles that keep your beard moisturized and protected from drying out.  

Man washing his face

Step #2: Minimize the shampoo

You still want to make sure that your beard is clean but shampooing often results in increased dehydration and irritation which is worsened by the winter season. Avoid this by cutting back on your routine. It’s recommended that you shampoo your beard twice a week while continuing to rinse with water daily. Select shampoo that’s free of sulfates and silicones which will help to alleviate any issues with dehydration as well. For best results, use Uncle Jimmy’s Hair, Beard & Body Wash.

Uncle Jimmy Beard Oil

Step #3: Condition, condition, condition

With head hair, you’re taught that shampoo and conditioner come in a pair. Yet, that’s not the case with beard hair. When the weather turns cold, you should cut back on shampooing, but that doesn’t mean that you need to stop conditioning. In fact, conditioning is what will keep your beard smooth and frizz free. Shoot to condition with beard softener three to four times per week (even when you’re not shampooing!). You can also supplement moisture with beard oil, which is essential to maintaining a well-groomed beard. How often you apply will ultimately depend on your beard but try once in the morning and once at night to start out.

Man with a beard outside

Step #4: Invest in a humidifier

Winter air is dry. You’ll feel it in your hair, your skin, and your throat. And just as you might figure, you’ll feel it in your beard. Humidifiers are key in helping to keep the hair and skin moist as well as reducing allergy and asthma symptoms. They reduce snoring and making coughing more productive. Additionally, they also prevent the flu. They have so many benefits (especially related to common winter woes). For more on how to purchase a humidifier, read How to Choose a Humidifier 

Grab a Scarf

Step #5: Grab a scarf

While you may look wicked cool with some beard icicles, ice is actually incredibly damaging to your beard. In fact, if you’re not careful, individuals who attempt to break ice out of the beard hair while it’s still frozen risk breaking off the hair itself. Yikes! Don’t risk the time and effort you’ve put into growing your beard. Cover your beard with a scarf to prevent it from freezing to begin with and getting dried out as a result.

There you have it! The 5 steps to winter beard care that’ll have your beard looking smooth and moisturized in no time at all. Looking to buy products that’ll help you maintain the best beard of your life regardless of season?

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