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How to stop your beard from itching

enjoying growing a beard

So, you’re enjoying growing a beard. People are giving you compliments and it looks great with your new haircut.

But suddenly, disaster strikes. Your beard starts to feel itchy and it’s starting to drive you crazy.

You’re probably thinking you’ll have to shave your beard off. But before you reach for the trimmer, check out these tips that will stop the beard itching in its tracks.

Uncle Jimmy Beard Oil

Use beard oil

If you are even a little bit serious about growing a great beard, you need to be using beard oil.

Why? For a start it keeps your facial hair looking and feeling healthy. Who doesn’t want that right?!

But what you might not know, is it can also fight against itchiness.

This is because it can help to keep the skin underneath your beard moisturised. This is important because when the skin does get dry, it starts to crack and that’s when the itchiness starts to get unbearable.

Brush your beard everyday

Brush your beard everyday

Applying beard oil every day is all well and good.

But doing that on its own won’t have the desired effect. You also need to be brushing your beard daily.

There is a good reason for this. If you’ve got a particularly bushy beard, the beard oil will struggle to reach the skin underneath to moisturise it.

Brushing solves this problem. It not only distributes the oil amongst all your beard hairs, it also allows it to reach the skin.

boiling hot shower

Turn down your shower temperature

There’s nothing like a boiling hot shower every morning to get you ready for the day ahead.

But do you know the damage this is doing to your skin? Hot showers dry out your skin, leaving it dry and sore underneath your beard.

The solution is simple – turn the temperature down.

To be clear, we’re not talking about freezing cold showers. Instead, just turning the heat down by just a couple of degrees can make a huge difference.

Use the right shampoo

Use the right shampoo, but not too much

It goes without saying that you should shampoo your head hair on a regular basis.

Your beard is the same. Keeping it clean should be one of your top priorities.

The problem is, people take it too far. They believe it’s necessary to wash their beard every day.

This is a bad idea. All it does is strip the natural oils from the skin underneath, leaving it sore, itchy and flaky.

Instead, you should aim to shampoo your beard only once or twice a week. This will ensure you strike the right balance.

There’s another factor you need to consider – your choice of shampoo.

It’s easy to choose the cheapest product you see in the supermarket. Or use the same one you bought for your head hair.

But this is the wrong approach. You need to choose a specialist beard shampoo that will be kind to the hair and the skin underneath.

The product should only contain natural ingredients, so it won’t cause you or your skin any harm.



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