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Beat the heat: caring for your skin

Sun exposure, wind, and dry air can all be very damaging to your skin. Taking care of your skin is vital, gentleman. Men should want their skin to look good as they age. If you are a man who wants to preserve the good skin that nature gave you, the following tips can help. You will need to create a summertime skincare routine that is different from your winter routine, in order to counteract the harsh UV rays of the summer sun.

All men should invest in a high-quality face wash. If you use regular soap on your face you increase the oil production, potentially leading to acne or other problems. Also regular soap is drying and does not protect your skin from summer sun and wind. Use Uncle Jimmy Hair, Beard and Body Wash for maximum results without using a lot of products.

Uncle Jimmy Body Lotion is a non-greasy, long-lasting moisturizing cream that is easy-to-spread, quickly absorbed, and non-comedogenic (does not cause blackheads). It moisturizes the skin without exposing it to common chemical irritants found in ordinary skin care products. The lotion works on the toughest, driest skin, and it is perfect for the hot months.

If you modify your skincare routine based on the season you will have a higher chance of seeing healthy, smooth skin for an extended period during your life. You will also reduce your chances of getting skin cancer, if you are using sunscreen daily. With the proper regime using these products, and others from the line, can keep your skin in a better overall condition. Skincare is an important part of life that some men tend to neglect.

Your skin will be grateful for the care you show it.

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