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Style On A Budget

Style is timeless and enduring. Stylish items may be slightly influenced by trends, however they endure and remain appropriate over time. Do your best to purchase items that are classic pieces, and yes you can still save money while doing so.

It’s In The Fit
Catch items or sale or even thrift them, then spend a few extra dollars on a tailor if needed. A clean cut look gives the impression that you spent more money than you may have. Therefore you are achieving your goal, while keeping your wallet happy. An inexpensive “off the rack” garment can truly look fantastic if tailored to fit like a made-to-measure garment.

Items that can be worn several different ways enable you to get the most out of everything. You can pair a shirt with a suit, or wear it with slacks, and then a few weeks later add a bowtie. That is 3 different looks for just one of your garments. Spend a little time coming up with ideas, and never be afraid to mix it up.

When building a classic wardrobe on a budget, it is about what items are worth splurging on vs. skimping on. In general, the modern gentleman can build a pretty sharp and versatile wardrobe with inexpensive items. At a quick glance, most people will not be able to tell the difference between inexpensive shirts, from expensive, high quality ones. So shop smart and create looks that represent you.

The modern gentleman can establish a very classically stylish wardrobe without spending a ton of money. Once you have established a nice basic wardrobe you can look at adding items that you like, or save up to replace items in your wardrobe with higher quality items. It is all up to you. Here’s to styling and saving.

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