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Dry Beard? How to Fix a Brittle, Scratchy & Dry Beard

Beards are meant to make you look and feel your best, which is why you might be tempted to shave your brittle, scratchy, or dry beard. You aren’t the only one feeling the pain as kissing and snuggling up with you isn’t comfortable for your bae—and we don’t want that! Before you give up consider the tips below. First, identify why your beard is less than its best, then work on the fix.

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Proper Product Layering To Repair And Soften Your Beard

Let’s first cover the proper way to layer your beard products. Use these steps as a proactive approach to keeping your beard soft, and to repair and soften your damaged beard. If your beard is short you can skip step #3.

Step #1—Wash with a beard-safe cleanser both morning and evening, after working out, and after swimming.

Step #2—Massage in a beard conditioner to nourish and repair your beard.

Step #3—Massage, then brush or comb through a beard growth balm. Balms aren’t just for your beard, as they moisturize your face too.

Step #4—Massage, then brush or comb in your beard oil. This will act as a protective layer to keep your beard healthy and soft.

These steps are fast and easy, taking less than 30 seconds. Brushing and combing are essential to evenly distribute your products. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

But What Made My Beard So Itchy, Dry, And Brittle?

There are a variety of factors that can lead to an uncomfortable beard. Below are the top culprits. Identify which one is making your beard brittle so that you can take a more proactive approach from here on out.

Let It Grow

It’s just a matter of fact, new beards are itchy. If your beard is less than 3 weeks old your skin is adjusting to having hair grow through your facial hair follicles. If you are used to rocking stubble or a goatee this may come as a shock but be patient as new growth itch won’t last forever. Minimize the itch with a twice daily beard growth oil to soothe the itch and nourish the hair follicles to accelerate growth. As your beard grows to medium or long length you will need to add the conditioner and balm as mentioned above, but for new growth, you can begin with oil.

Using The Wrong Beard Wash

We hear you, it’s faster and easier to use the same bar soap on your face as you do on your body. Unfortunately, bar soap can strip your beard hair, over time leaving it brittle and dry. We are here to simplify your daily grooming with our all-in-one Hair, Beard, & Body Wash. Made with black seed oil and honey, it conditions while it cleanses. This means you can wash your beard every time you shower without worry about drying it out. Be sure to keep an extra bottle in your gym bag.


If you only swim here and there or when on vacation it is unlikely that swimming will do too much damage. If you are an avid swimmer or swim more during the summer months there are a few extra steps you should take before hopping in the pool. Freshwater is less of a concern, but follow these tips for both chlorine and saltwater, for both your hair and beard.

  1. Wet your beard before you hop in
  2. Comb an extra layer of beard oil through before swimming
  3. Wash your beard as soon as you are done swimming
  4. Follow up with another layer of conditioner, balm, and oil

Extreme Weather

If you live in extreme hot or cold weather and are not layering on the appropriate protective products, it could be the reason why your beard is dry or brittle. Even high winds and direct sunlight will dry out your beard and increase your split ends, which we will discuss more below. If you live in cold weather and spend more time outside than walking to and from your car you want to ensure your beard is dry before heading out as the extreme cold will damage your hair faster when wet.

Split Ends

Your beard may be soft and moisturized but if you have split ends it can feel prickly or itchy when you snuggle up with the one you love. Heading to the barbershop every 6 weeks or so will keep split ends to a minimum. And yes, you still need to trim and reshape even if you are growing out your beard. In between your trips to the barbershop you must trim your beard hair at home. No need to worry as you don’t have to be a pro. A quick trim of brittle and unruly hairs takes 30 seconds or less. Comb your beard hairs upwards so that it fans out, then comb it back into place. The hairs that remain sticking up should be trimmed down.

You’re Dehydrated

We all know we should drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water and other hydrating fluids each day, but we don’t always consider the why. The whys are many, but in terms of your beard, and even the hair on your head, if you are dehydrated internally your hair will be dry too. So, if you have tried all the suggested tips above and nothing else is working, try kicking your hydration up a notch. Hydration can come from water, coconut water, herbal teas, fresh fruit and veggie smoothies, milk, sports beverages, and even your daily cup of coffee.

It’s Time For A Chop

Most brittle, scratchy, and dry beards can be salvaged, but if your beard is beyond repair you may need to cut it down a bit to let healthy new hair grow. Talk with your barber about your best options. Not to worry, as your newer growth will still be healthy, so you won’t have to do a clean shave.

Here’s to your healthy, soft, and kissable beard! 💋


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