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How To Keep Your Beard Looking It’s Best This Summer

Summer is here so you may be wondering if you need to make a few tweaks to your beard grooming routine. Yes, you do! The tips below will help you look and feel your best while rocking your favorite beard style.

Man Shaving Beard

You Don’t Have To Chop Your Beard

It’s a common misconception but sporting a beard in the summer won’t make you feel warmer. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Your beard will act as a protective layer between you and the summer sun minimizing sun burning and keeping you cooler. It provides an SPF of about 21, but you want to get up to at least SPF 35 when outside all day—ideally SPF 50.

That being said, you may want to go shorter to support your summer activities. If you have a long beard it can get in the way during some of your summer excursions and activities. For example, you may not enjoy the weight of your wet and dripping beard after going swimming or water skiing. You can create a beard ponytail or braid to keep it out of the way and make it easier to ring out.

Man Washing Face

You Need To Wash More Frequently

It’s warmer out and you are likely to be more active, which means more sweat and oil than usual. Summer is also the perfect time to BBQ and camp meaning you may be enjoying more handheld foods such as hotdogs, hamburgers, ribs, chips, skewers, and more. As delicious as they are, handheld foods leave more food, condiments, sauces, and food particles behind in your beard.

With Uncle Jimmy’s Hair, Beard & Body Wash you can wash your beard and face during your morning shower and again after working out or at the end of the day—without the worry of drying out your hair or skin. Unlike traditional shampoos, our products are formulated with natural ingredients such as black seed oil and honey to cleanse while softening and conditioning.

Continue To Condition Your Beard

While balm and oil further soften and condition your beard, don’t forget to use a conditioning product. Apply a bit of Uncle Jimmy’s Hair & Beard Leave-In Conditioner daily to your wet beard before your balm or oil. This will keep your beard feeling soft and looking it’s best year-round. In the summer, it will minimize the risk of getting a dry and brittle beard and repair some of the damage caused by sun exposure.

Uncle Jimmy Beard Balm

It's Hot But Don’t Skip Your Beard Oil Or Balm

It’s hot out so you may be tempted to skip your beard balm or oil, but you still need them during the summer months. No need to worry about either feeling hot, heavy, or greasy as both products absorb into your skin and beard hair. Just remember, a little bit goes a long way. If you skip your beard products you will leave both your face and skin unprotected from the damaging direct sunlight and the dry air of hot weather and cool air conditioning.

In general, beard balm is used for medium, long, and curly beards and oil works best for intentional scruff, goatees, and shorter beards. In the summer balm will help keep the frizz caused by humidity under control. No matter the length, carry your beard oil with you when spending a full day out in the sun to use as a protective layer.

Apply SPF Too

Don’t forget to apply SPF protection with a product designed specifically for the sensitive skin on your face. If you have a goatee or scruff apply sunscreen directly to your face. If you have a short, medium, or long beard, apply from your beard up, then apply to your fingertips and massage into the skin underneath your beard. Finish off by spreading what’s left on your fingers through the full length of your beard. This will help to minimize sun bleaching.

Increase Hydration

Hydration is essential for whole-body health, including keeping your beard looking it’s best. Even if you apply balm or oil as a protective barrier, proper hydration is achieved from the inside out. It’s hotter out and you will be more active, meaning that you will be sweating more. You may also be enjoying a few more adult beverages while BBQing, camping, or after a fun day outdoors—which decreases hydration.

Recent studies show that men need about 100 ounces of water per day in moderate weather and about 74 ounces for women. When it’s hot out you need to increase this amount to replenish the fluids you lose while sweating. Be sure to add in an electrolyte beverage such as coconut water or a sports drink when active—and mix in other hydrating foods and beverages such as fruits, vegetables, soup, unsweetened herbal tea, milk, and black coffee.

Man Touching His Beard

Let Your Beard Grow

Beard growth oil always helps, but if you struggle with patchy beard growth or getting to your desired length—summer is the time to let your beard grow! The increased vitamin D you get while outdoors helps, but the warm weather makes your testosterone peak. More testosterone means that your hair will grow faster. Take advantage of this growth by transitioning to a longer beard style or finally growing the beard of your dreams. Let it grow at least 3 weeks without cleaning up more than the edges. It will take at least this long for patches to fill in, then you can begin shaping your new beard.

Consider A New Style Or Shape

Whether you go a little shorter to keep up with your summer activities or you’re bored with your current beard—summer is the perfect time to mix things up. Even if you have mastered at-home beard maintenance it’s always best to head to your barber when transitioning to a new style or shape. Find a few beards online for inspiration but your barber will create a look that works with your face, features, and individual style.

Here's to rocking your summer beard!


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