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How To Avoid Dry, Itchy Winter Skin?

It’s not something most men talk about, but your skin can get uncomfortably dry and itchy during the winter months. Or your skin may be dry, itchy, and ashy year-round. Not to worry as you can rapidly restore the moisture to your skin. Or take a proactive approach to dry skin with the tips below. 

Man showering with lots of soap on body

#1 Adjust Your Shower Routine 

Uncle Jimmy is all about keeping your daily grooming routine fast and easy. With a few small changes, you can minimize your dry and itchy skin.

Warm water—it’s tempting to take a hot shower when it’s cold out but try to keep the water warm instead of hot. Hot water can irritate or damage the keratin cells of your skin. Your keratin cells are a natural protective layer, so if they are damaged your skin will dry out. If you want heat, head to a steam room, sauna, or take a warm Epsom salt bath. 

No more synthetic soap—while you may have a go-to bar soap or body wash that you’ve used for years, many cleansing products are formulated with synthetic ingredients. Synthetic ingredients are less expensive, but they strip your skin of its natural moisture. Switch to a product infused with natural ingredients that moisturize while they cleanse. Uncle Jimmy Hair, Beard and Body Wash is formulated with black seed oil and honey. It won’t strip your skin, moisturizes while you cleanse, and it can be used from head to toe. 

Uncle Jimmy Body Lotion with ingredients


#2 Apply A Natural Body Lotion

Even with a naturally derived body wash, you must apply lotion after your bath or shower. Preferably year-round, but especially in the winter. This will add extra hydration and coat your skin with a protective layer to lock in moisture. 

The most common mistake made when selecting a body lotion, is choosing lotion because it smells good. However, most lotions are scented with synthetic fragrances, and synthetic fragrances dry out your skin. If you are currently using a daily moisturizer but your skin isn’t getting any better, it may have synthetic fragrances or ingredients. 

Uncle Jimmy’s Shea Butter And Coconut Body Lotion rehydrates and protects your skin. The lotion has a mild and natural unisex scent. It is non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and is non-comedogenic—which means it won’t clog your pores or cause blackheads. 

If you shower twice daily, apply lotion twice a day. If your skin is ashy, ultra-dry, or itchy, apply lotion every morning and evening until your skin heals. Then, transition to once a day, but twice a day may be necessary. 

Black Man Washing His Face With Water

#3 Moisturizing The Rest Of Your Body

If you have a beard or facial hair, you should wash your face each morning and evening, and follow up with beard oil or beard balm. While designed for facial hair, natural oils and balms will also nourish, moisturize, and protect your skin. However, you may also want to use a designated facial moisturizer. 

The skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body, so you must use a formula designed for your face. Your face is also one of the first places you will begin to show the visible signs of aging. So, consider using a daily anti-aging facial serum and facial moisturizer, layered underneath your oil or balm. Apply to your face and beard after each shower or at least each morning and evening after you wash your face. 

Since you wash your hands several times per day, you may need to bring a bottle of your body lotion with you to apply throughout the day. This is especially true since the pandemic began, and we started applying and sanitizer several times per day. 

Last but not least, apply a natural lip balm to keep your lips from getting chapped. 

#4 Invest In A Humidifier

Winter air isn’t just cold, but also dry. Even the air in your home or office may be dry. This dry air contributes to your dry and itchy skin, so consider investing in a humidifier. You can find small humidifiers for your desk at work and large and stylized humidifiers for your home. Even if you only use a humidifier in your bedroom at night it can make a significant difference. 

Be sure to read the directions for how to use and clean your humidifier. If it is not regularly and properly cleaned it can grow mold and degrade the air quality in your home, making you and your family sick. 

Close up of hands of young bearded athlete holding bottle of water.

#5 Internal Hydration

While the topical tips above are essential, if you are internally dehydrated—you will be externally dehydrated too. Internal dehydration is more noticeable during the cold and dry winter months. 

To stay internally hydrated:

  • Eat at least 3 servings of omega fatty acids per week. Sources include supplements, walnuts, avocado, salmon, tuna, flax seeds, chia seeds, and fortified dairy products.  
  • Drink at least 64 ounces of hydrating fluids per day. This includes water, sparkling water, unsweetened herbal tea, soup, one cup of black coffee, one sports beverage, and fresh fruits and vegetables. However, most of your daily hydration should come from water. 

Man with beard in winterwear

#6 Cover Up

Even if you will only be outside for a few minutes, be sure to cover up your exposed skin and your hair—especially if your hair is wet. The cold and dry air will zap the moisture from your face, hands, lips, hair, and any other exposed areas. 

Female dermatologist examining male patient

#7 Visit Your Dermatologist

If your skin is cracked, painful, severely irritated, the tips above don’t help, or your condition worsens—schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. You may need to transition to a prescription product, or you may have a skin condition that you are mistaking for dry winter skin. Yes, you can schedule an appointment with your general care physician too, but a dermatologist specializes in skin conditions. 

Uncle Jimmy Has You Covered!

Uncle Jimmy has a range of premium men’s grooming products for your body, hair, and beard. We even have bundles that you can purchase to create a personalized daily grooming routine. All of our products are infused with black seed oil, honey, and other natural ingredients to hydrate and protect while cleansing or styling. 


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