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How to get a softer beard

So, you’ve grown a beard and you’re happy with how it looks.

But then you notice something. When you touch it, it feels rough and wiry. Your partner isn’t happy either, as it scratches their skin when you kiss.

But don’t worry, there is plenty you can do. In this blog post, we explain how to get a softer beard in 4 easy steps.

Use beard softener

There are many products you can use to soften your beard.

But did you know, there is one specifically designed to soften your beard? Funnily enough, it’s called beard softener.

So, what exactly is beard softener? Look at it this way. For your head hair, you use shampoo to wash it and conditioner to condition it.

On the other hand for your facial hair, you would use beard wash to clean it and then softener afterwards.

If you do this daily, in time you will notice your beard feels softer to touch and look much healthier.

Hot Shower is not so good for your beard hair

Alter your shower temperature

We’ve all done it. Woken up early in the morning, got in the shower and turned the temperature up as high as it can go.

This is great for waking you up – but not so good for your beard hair, or the skin underneath.

The heat from the water dries out the hair, leaving it damaged and weakened. Your hair may feel like the wire brush you use to wash the dishes at this point!

Over time, this eventually leads to the hair falling out and potential issues with patchiness.

Now, there’s no need to switch to freezing cold showers. That’s a bit extreme! Instead, try a lukewarm shower. This will be kind to your skin and give you the warm shower you want in the morning.

You should be using specialist beard wash on your beard


Avoid standard hair shampoo

Do you wash your beard with the same shampoo you use for your head hair?

If so, this makes sense. The product is designed to clean and condition hair so must be fine for your beard as well right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Hair shampoo is bad for your beard.

Why? Just look at the ingredients for a start. According to Bumble and Bumble founder Eli Haliwell: “The same ingredients in most shampoos are the same ones used to clean your car or your carpet or your dishes.”

Instead, you should be using specialist beard wash. In particular, one that contains natural ingredients to avoid the irritation caused by hair shampoo.


Apply beard oil (but not too much!)

There are many reasons for using beard oil every day. It fights itchiness and can help improve your beard’s appearance.

One of its lesser known benefits is how it softens beard. Applying oil just once a day can make a huge difference.

But with so much choice out there, how can you choose an oil that’s up to the task? Like other male grooming products, it’s important that the beard oil contains natural ingredients that won’t harm your skin.

One note of caution though. Don’t apply too much at once. Rather than soften your beard, doing this can make it feel greasy and not nice to touch.


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  • Hey Joshua! Thanks for your recent feedback on our blog post. We’ve put together a much larger team to move forward with awesome questions like yours…. trimming tips and controlling tangles. If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out. Keep on growing!

    Uncle Jimmy
  • I appreciate the softening tips. But I would like tips on trimming and some step by step guide to trim. Also control the tangles I use a ox horn comb on mine I like it but is that just a gimmick comb or just as good as sandlewood comb

    Joshua Venson

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