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Key reasons for using beard oil

When you first started growing a beard, you were probably a bit overwhelmed by the amount of products available.

Balms, brushes and shampoos are all important. But without doubt, beard oil will be the most important product you’ll own.

In this blog, we explain the key beard oil uses and why it’s so important.

Moisturises skin

You’re probably thinking the main purpose of beard oil is to keep the hair on your face looking and feeling healthy.

But many forget about the skin underneath. If left untreated, it can become dry and conditions such as beard dandruff can develop. If you’ve ever had it, you’ll know how unpleasant this is.

Beard oil is perfect for the job. Unlike traditional skin creams that get stuck in your beard, oil can reach the skin underneath, keeping it healthy and moisturised.

Easier to maintain

Beards come in many shapes and sizes.

But one thing that is constant, they are hard to manage. The hairs grow in lots of different directions, which if left, can end up knotted and weakened.

The knots make brushing or combing your beard a painful experience. You’ll also notice hair start to fall out as it weakens. Not a good combination!

Oil can help keep your beard under control by softening the hairs. This is turn makes it easier for you to brush or comb through it, stopping knots developing at an early stage.

Help fight itchiness

One of the most common beard growing complaints is itchiness.

This mostly occurs in the early stages of growth when your skin is getting used to the hair that’s now occupying your face.

But if it’s still causing an issue after the early stages, you have a problem.

Fortunately beard oil can help sooth the symptoms. Especially if the ingredients contain carrier oils such as:

  • Coconut oil – Known to help condition and protect skin
  • Sesame oil – Strengthens hair and moisturises skin
  • Sunflower oil – Great for fighting dry skin
  • Soybean oil – Keeps your skin soft

Improves your beard’s appearance (and smell!)

Yes, a key purpose of beard oil is to protect your skin from damage.

But it’s not just your skin that will benefit. Your beard will also benefit of course! After just a week or two of use, you’ll notice that your hairs will look and feel healthier.

This is because beard oil is key for fighting split ends. This damage is caused by the hair becoming so weak that it literally breaks.

Oil can help prevent this by strengthening the hair, keeping it nourished so that when you brush it through, you’re not taking lots of hairs out too.

That’s not all. Normally to smell nice, you would have to use eau de toilette, aftershave or even deodorant if you’re desperate!

But with the wide range of essential oils used in beard products, there’s no need to use these products for this purpose. With just a few drops of oil, your beard can both look good and smell good.

Now you know the benefits of beard oil, it’s now time to buy some for yourself. Just 2-3 drops a day will ensure that your beard grows big and healthy.




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