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The beard grooming mistakes you need to avoid

grow a beard

They say it’s easy to grow a beard. I mean, you just need to sit back and let nature take its course, right?

Wrong! It’s not always easy. In fact, there are plenty of mistakes you can make along the way.

Fortunately, most of these beard grooming mistakes are completely avoidable. In this blog post, we explain how.

Best Beard Oil Uncle Jimmy Products

Not using beard oil

Beard products are a big, bushy business. This makes sense when you consider 39% of U.S. men have facial hair, which is up 15% from five years ago.

At the forefront of this, is beard oil. This is without doubt the most important beard product you will ever own.

Why? It’s the whole package. It keeps your beard looking shiny and healthy, plus it keeps the skin underneath moisturised.  

You can guess what happens if you don’t apply it. For a start, a lot of pain! The skin underneath gets so sore it’s almost unbearable.

So, you know what to do – apply beard oil. Your facial hair and the skin underneath will thank you for it.

Big Beard

Giving up too soon

When you think about growing a beard, it probably stirs up visions of wizards, Brian Blessed or Hagrid from Harry Potter.

The reality is sometimes different. You wait for days, then weeks, then months but still nothing happens.

It’s inevitable you start thinking about shaving your beard off. You start to wonder whether there was any point growing one in the first place.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Good things come to those who wait – including beards.

Leaving your beard for a minimum of 3 months, will give you enough time to see its full potential. Any less than this and you’re selling yourself short.

To help move things, you could always try one of the many beard growth oils on the market.

Trimming Beard Regularly

Shave your neckline too high

So, your beard is getting longer. It’s looking great and you’re trimming regularly to stop it getting out of control.

But something isn’t right. Your neck is covered in hair and by association, it’s making your beard look scruffy. Exactly what you were trying to avoid!

So, it’s obvious, you need to trim your neckline. But what’s the best way to do this?

The most common mistake people make is to trim their neckline too high. All this does is give the impression of a double chin, when there isn’t one. It just doesn’t look right.

Instead, imagine a slightly curved line that goes from right behind your ear lobes and travels under the jaw line, just above your Adam’s apple. Then simply trim away the hair that falls outside of these areas. This should give you the perfect beard neckline.

maintaining your beard

Not maintaining your beard

Above all, the most important thing you can do when growing a beard is maintain it.

Using products such as beard softener and beard wash can help keep issues such as dandruff and itching at bay.

Doing this consistently is the best way to keep your beard looking healthy.

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