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Manscaping: The Right Way To Groom All Your Body Hair

How, where, and how thick your body hair grows isn’t something you can control. However, you can trim, shave, and remove your unwanted hair. The tips below will help you to manscape your body from head to toe. Ask your partner for help in hard-to-reach places or head into a salon that specializes in manscaping. 

Man Pointing At Eyebrow Hair


Ladies often turn to threading and waxing for their eyebrows, but that look is typically a bit too refined for most men. That being said, if you have a unibrow it may be faster and easier to wax the space between your brows. You can find at home wax strips or head to a salon. Yes, the first time will hurt!

Wax new growth every 3 to 4 weeks and it won’t hurt as much. 

Whatever your brow needs are, avoid the temptation to shave. Just like your mustache and beard, if you shave your eyebrows the hair will grow back increasingly coarse. So, invest in a pair of tweezers to trim away stray hairs. If your eyebrows are curly, bushy, or long, use brow or grooming scissors to trim. 

Ear Hair


Even if you have little to no ear hair now, you are likely to grow more as you age. While you can have your ear hair waxed, do not wax your ear hair at home. Any wax left behind can damage your eardrum, which isn’t worth the risk. 

Use a mirror to trim or tweeze excess ear hair, or ask your partner to assist. Always use sharp and blunt scissors and never trim deep into the ear canal. 

If it’s easier, use an ear and nose clipper. Be sure to clean and sanitize between use. 

Nose hair Trimmer


Ever wondered why we have hair in our noses? It serves the vital purpose of minimizing the amount of dust, dirt, and bacteria that enter our nose. So, you need your nose hairs!

While you need your nose hair, if it grows to a length that it visibly extends beyond your nose—it’s ok to trim it. Trim with sharp and blunt scissors, but do not wax or tweeze. Waxing and tweezing your nose increases the likelihood of infection as the hair follicles differ from our exterior hair follicles.

Also, feel free to use an ear and nose clipper. Be sure to clean and sanitize between use. 

Whatever method you use, only trim the hairs that are sticking out, not your deeper nose hairs.  

Man Shaving Armpit Hair


If you prefer a clean and smooth armpit, go ahead and use a facial razor to shave. Lather up first with your preferred Shaving Cream or Shaving Gel. 

The first time you shave your armpits you will need to rinse your razor several times. You may need to switch your razorblade after your first shave. After that, shave again in a few quick passes once or twice per week. It may be easier to trim long hair with electric clippers first, then shave. You can shave your armpits both with and against the grain. 

If you don’t want to go completely bare, simply trim your armpit hair with an electric trimmer.

Man Shaving Chest Hair


Accentuate your chest muscles by trimming or removing your hair. Use electric clippers with your preferred guard to get your chest hair to your desired length. Or invest in a body groomer, which has a variety of different guards designed for each region you are trimming or shaving. 

If you prefer a smooth and clean finish, consider waxing or hair removal cream. If you only have a small patch of hair you can use at-home wax strips. Trim with an electric razor first. If you have a lot of hair to remove, go to the salon for professional waxing.

Shave on occasion or if in a pinch, but waxing removes the hair from the root so that it doesn’t grow back as coarse. To minimize irritation when shaving anywhere on your body, apply a naturally derived pre-shave oil first to soften and prepare your skin. If you accidentally cut yourself while shaving anywhere on your body, cleanse, apply pressure, and add a topical ointment such as Aquaphor. 

Or use hair removal cream for your chest, back, arms, and legs. Use as directed and do a patch test first to ensure it doesn’t irritate your skin. 

Shaving Back Hair


You may only want to remove your back hair in the summer months or before heading on vacation. Back hair is something many men are self-conscious about but be sure to get your partner’s input—as they may find your extra layer of hair masculine and sexy! 

Removing back hair is similar to the process of removing hair from your chest. However, there is an added challenge as it’s difficult to see or reach your back. So, ask a friend or your partner to help. 

Waxing at the salon is expensive but will give you a smooth and clean finish. Feel free to trim with clippers or a body groomer but avoid the temptation to shave to minimize coarse hair. 

You can also use a men’s hair removal cream. 

Man Shaving Leg Hair

Arms and Legs

An increasing number of men are removing their arm and leg hair. This includes models, bodybuilders, swimmers, and everyday men. You may also want to remove arm and/or leg hair only on special occasions such as a beach vacation. 

Professional waxing and creams are the easiest for your arm hair. Shaving, waxing, and creams are easiest for leg hair. However, waxing is time-consuming at home and expensive at the salon. Shaving takes time, so a hair removal cream may be faster and easier to use. 

Uncle Jimmy Beard Oil

Down There

It may not be something you talk about with your friends, but over 50% of men trim or shave their hair down there. When we say “down there” we mean everywhere down there. 

It’s ideal to shower before any of the manscaping we’ve covered, but essential before manscaping below the belt. Your shower will wash away sweat and bacteria and soften your skin. 

Apply a light layer of pre-shave oil before you begin. If you don’t have a designated pre-shave oil, use your Uncle Jimmy Beard Oil. This will help to minimize irritation. Reapply post-shave to minimize razor bumps, and ingrown hairs.

Instead of clippers, we suggest using a body groomer with attachments designed for your nether regions. Yes, you can find an attachment to trim the hair from your balls and shaft. Always sanitize your body groomer and attachments before use. 

For a clean shave on hair that is an inch or longer, trim with your body groomer first. Then pull your skin taught and use a clean and sharp razor to slowly and carefully manscape. 

If you accidentally cut yourself, cleanse, apply pressure, and add a topical ointment such as Aquaphor. 

If any of the manscaping tips above seem too complicated, head to the salon to have a professional work their magic!


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