We offer top quality men's grooming products that promote healthy looking hair, beard and skin.

Putting Your Best Beard Forward

Beards are one of the best accessories on a man. They add class and style to any occasion. While many men may choose the easy way out, a proper routine can increase the look and feel of facial hair drastically. Regular trims and the correct oils can produce wonderful results. So where do you start?

First, you must have patience. Hair will grow, with care. So give it time. When you go to wash your face, give your facial hair some special attention. Uncle Jimmy Hair Beard Body & Body Wash isthe ideal product to cover all of your needs. You don’t have to have a counter full of items to achieve a clean and sharp look. With this product all of the worry is taken out. Simply wash your entire body with this refreshing wash and you will instantly feel rejuvenated. Then follow up with Uncle Jimmy Beard Oil.  It is light in texture and guarantees a nice polished shine.

Remember, that during this process it is important to maintain a neat and polished look. Our experts recommend getting regular trims.   After, a trim the Beard Softener is ideal. It is a great way to maintain dynamic texture and compliments the Beard Oil.

Healthy hair starts from the inside, so while you are working to achieve your beard goals be sure to eat well and drink plenty of water.  These simple tips and our natural ingredient products will have you headed in the right direction to growing the perfect beard.


Our product line is now sold at Sally Beauty Locations around the country.

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