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Beard Gang: For the Love of Beards!

If you missed the 2016 World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show in Atlanta, then you missed a special treat. The all new Men’s Den, which was sponsored by the luxury men’s grooming line, Uncle Jimmy. This year our sponsor Uncle Jimmy Products, unveiled our very first Beard Contest. Our Beard contest was one of the biggest highlights of the weekend. The room was packed with a screaming audience, while the men strutted their stuff down the runway flexing their well-groomed beards, and natural swagger. If you want to know what it means to be an Uncle Jimmy man, then you needed to be front row center to see how a real flawless beard bearing gentleman can own a room. All the men who participated knows what goes into proper grooming and how to perfect a beard. Everyone who watched the show, couldn’t help but be charmed.

Hat’s off to all the Uncle Jimmy Men who showed up and showed the men how it was done! But don’t worry; we got you covered if you missed it. Here’s some men that I’m sure many of you are currently crushing on, and who I think have some of the best beards around. And, if I missed someone, let me know in the comments!

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