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The Basics For Keeping Your Beard And Hair Moisturized

Uncle Jimmy’s understands that you want to look your best and keep your grooming routine as easy as possible. Your daily routine must prioritize keeping your facial hair and the hair on your head moisturized. These tips will help you understand what zaps moisture from your hair and beard, and how to maintain hydration.  

Why You Need To Keep Your Beard And Hair Moisturized?

When your hair is properly conditioned and moisturized it will have a natural shine, is easier to manage and style, and will feel soft instead of dry or brittle. Unfortunately, you may have developed a few bad hair, beard, or lifestyle habits that are zapping the hydration from your hair. Not to worry, as a few small changes to your daily grooming routine and overall lifestyle can repair your hair or keep it from getting damaged. 

What Causes Dry Hair?

There are a variety of factors that can cause or contribute to your beard or the hair on your head drying out. Here are the most common culprits. If you are doing more than one of these, your risk for dry, damaged, or brittle hair increases.

Using Synthetic Products

Most store-bought hair and beard products contain synthetic coloring, fragrance, and ingredients. While they may smell good or feel good, these ingredients can strip your hair’s natural protective layers. Over time, this will dry out your hair. Also, never use bar soap on your face or hair. 

Over Shampooing

How frequently you need to shampoo your hair varies depending on your hair texture, hair type, and lifestyle. However, you must wash your face and beard hair at least twice a day. If you work out, you may want to wash away the sweat, so you’ll need to shampoo more frequently. To keep up with your active lifestyle and maintain your healthy hair, Uncle Jimmy’s has developed a naturally derived Hair, Beard and Body Wash that is moisturizing and gentle enough to use daily. You may not shampoo your hair daily but you can use it to wash your face and facial hair every morning and evening. 

Skipping Conditioner

We know, it’s another step when all you want to do is pop in and out of the shower as fast as possible. However, you must condition your hair. Even when using a naturally derived shampoo, conditioning is required to nourish and moisturize your hair. At Uncle Jimmy’s we keep things simple with a Leave-In Conditioner for Men. Apply it before your styling products to skip the step of having to rinse it out. 

The Weather

Extremely cold weather, extremely dry weather, and overexposure to the sun can zap the moisture from your hair. Even more when you leave the house with wet hair. So, pop on a hat in the winter or when in the direct sunlight, wrap a scarf around your face in below zero temperatures, and ensure you use a hair product with natural oils to provide a protective barrier between your hair and extreme weather. 


If you like to blast yourself with hot water while in the shower, cool the water down to comfortably warm before you wet your hair or beard. Hot water can damage your hair, and even though it feels good, it’s not great for your skin either. If you use a blow dryer or other heated styling tools, ensure you apply a product designed to protect your hair from heat first. Or keep heated styling to a minimum. 


Swimming while on vacation, or every once in a while, shouldn’t do too much damage to your beard or hair. But if you like to swim often, wet your hair and beard before you hop in the pool and apply a thin layer of a natural oil such as jojoba, almond, or coconut oil before you hop in the pool. Also, shampoo and condition after you swim. You can also wear a swim cap to protect your hair. 

Swimming in saltwater? It can damage your hair too so follow the same tips. 

Hair Type

If you have wavy, curly, or coily hair then your hair requires more added moisture. Our hair follicles produce a natural protective layer, which easily travels down the strands of straight hair. However, the curlier your hair, the shorter the distance your natural protective layer will travel. So, you’ll need to use products that are free of alcohol and parabens and made with natural oils. You’ll also need to take extra care to avoid the other damaging factors on this list. 


While protecting your hair and beard externally is essential, you must also maintain your whole-body health. Begin with the tips below but personalize your health to your individual needs. 

  • Eating a diet rich in protein ensures you get enough keratin, a hair-healthy essential. 
  • Eat a well-balanced diet rich in produce to ensure you get a full range of vitamins and nutrients. 
  • Consider taking zinc, biotin, and keratin supplements for healthy hair and hair growth. 
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep your body internally hydrated. 
  • Exercise at least 4 days a week to get your heart pumping and deliver oxygen and nutrients to your scalp and hair. 

What To Do If Your Hair Or Beard Is Dry Or Damaged?

If your hair is already dry or brittle, make an appointment with your barber or stylist to discuss your options. If the damage is new, the tips above may help to reverse the damage. However, you may need to allow healthy new hair to grow. This might mean cutting or shaving off the damaged hair or waiting for healthy new hair to grow in. 

Looking For A Simple Men’s Grooming Routine?

If you are looking for naturally derived products to create a simple grooming routine, we invite you to browse Uncle Jimmy’s product line. We have everything you need for your hair and beard and a variety of options to meet your individual needs! 


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