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Why Does My Beard Itch?

It might not be something many men talk about, but itchy beards are a common problem. In fact, the itch is why many men give up on growing their dream beard, but we encourage you to hang in there. There are a variety of factors so you must identify what the culprit is so that you can tackle it head-on. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think!

Below we cover the most common causes of beard itch and how to rapidly resolve them. Keep in mind, you could have more than one of these itch-inducing factors at a time.

New Growth

It’s exciting when you decide to grow your first beard, so you may be a bit surprised when your face starts to itch like crazy. When you have a clean shave, your razor cuts your whiskers at a coarse angle. As you let your beard grow beyond a day or two, these sharp edges cut through your skin—which is really itchy. Hang in there and let it grow!

The Fix—It will take up to 3 weeks for the itch to subside, but it will be the most noticeable the first week. If you haven’t started yet, apply beard oil after you shower and every time you wash your face. This will condition and soften your beard, moisturize your face, and ensure your beard looks it’s best as it grows in. It will also take at least 3 weeks for patchy beards to fill out.

Dry Skin

If your skin is dry it will leave you feeling itchy. You may not be able to see your skin underneath your beard, but you must not forget about it. With or without a beard, you must moisturize your face twice daily. Dry skin may only be an issue for you during the colder winter months but with a proactive approach, you can keep your skin hydrated. If you use a face moisturizer apply it to all areas above your beard and use your oil from your beard down.

The Fix—Dry skin is another reason why you should be applying a beard oil every time you shower or wash your face. If your skin is super dry, use a beard balm until the itching subsides. A brush or comb will style your beard and easily distribute your oil or balm. If dry skin persists you may be washing your face with a soap that is too harsh, which we will discuss a bit below. 

Harsh Products

Just because a product is designed for your face or beard doesn’t mean that it won’t irritate your skin or strip your beard of moisture and shine. It’s fun trying new products, but be mindful if you see or feel any negative changes. Some products will strip or irritate your skin after the first application, while others will begin slowly zapping moisture over the first few weeks of use.

The Fix—Be mindful of the ingredients in all your hair and skincare products. You should recognize most of the ingredients on the label. Those you can’t recognize are likely manmade, which increases the likelihood that they will be harsh. Uncle Jimmy’s product line is designed to be a fast and easy 5 or 6 step daily grooming routine. All products are made with natural ingredients such as shea butter, black seed oil, and honey.

Poor Hygiene

The longer your beard grows the more essential your grooming routine becomes. This isn’t just for shape, but for hygiene. In addition to sweat, oil, and the daily toxins your skin and beard hair come in contact with—tiny (and sometimes not so tiny) food particles will stick to or fall into your beard. If you don’t stay on top of your daily hygiene this can irritate your skin, sometimes leading to bacterial or fungal growth.

The Fix—Wash your face every morning, evening, and after working out with a facial cleanser that won’t strip the moisture from your skin or your beard. Even if you decide to skip your shower, washing your face is a must. Uncle Jimmy helps you keep things simple with an all-in-one Hair, Beard, & Body Wash.


Brushing your beard will evenly distribute your beard oil or balm, but it also massages your hair follicles. This will minimize ingrown hairs and the itching and irritation that comes with. Even if you have a super short beard, brushing should be part of your daily routine. Pat or rub your oil or balm in first.

The Fix—Find a beard brush or comb that feels good on your face and you will be more likely to use it daily. It will also train your beard to go in the direction you want it to, keeping you looking your best. Your barber can walk you through some of your best options.

Trim And Edge

Even if you prefer an unkempt grizzly look, you must trim your beard regularly. Trimming keeps your beard isn’t just for shape, but it keeps your edges clean and itch-free. It also minimizes split ends and the unruly and itch-inducing direction your beard will grow if left to do its own thing.

The Fix—Edge your face and neck as needed, one or more times a week. To maintain a stylized beard, trim every 3 to 4 weeks. If you are growing your beard longer or prefer a bushy beard, trim every 6 to 8 weeks. Invest in adjustable clippers for at-home grooming or head to your barber.

Dermatological Concerns

If you have ruled out the concerns above, it’s time to head to the dermatologist to see if you have an underlying skin condition. Do this before you shave off your beard, as the issue may be easily resolved. For example, even if you have improved your beard hygiene you may require a prescription cream to kill the bacteria or fungus.

The Fix—Schedule your appointment ASAP! Don’t be shy as dermatologists have seen it all and can typically offer a rapid solution.

Here’s to a beard you love without the itch!


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