We offer top quality men's grooming products that promote healthy looking hair, beard and skin.

You can tell a lot about a man by the way he grooms

Its important men have their own line of products. The ingredients in a men’s line with brands such as Uncle Jimmy’s or Nappy Styles, contain natural oils such as Black Seed and Honey, and work specifically to bring out the best in a man’s hair, beard, and skin. When you understand how proper grooming can affect your overall appearance, you’ll be more adept to adjust your daily regimen to achieve optimum results.

Products most used by men are moisturizers, shower gels, and facial cleansers. Daily use, helps to maintain moisture, and prevent dry brittle beards or cracking skin, issues that often come as a result of the changing weather, or lack of personal care. Adding these staples to your morning routine will ensure a proper washing, grooming, and moisturizing regimen that will leave the skin softer, the beard more manageable, a fresh scent, and the hair and skin properly moisturized.

The proper body wash is important for a man. You need a Body Wash that removes sweat, and dirt, while also boosting moisture to the body to combat over drying and cracking skin. Uncle Jimmy’s has a natural body wash in their collection that will exfoliate the skin and provide a boost of moisture and a soft scent that will leave the body fresh smelling and energized.

Beard Softeners, or Beard oils from brands like Uncle Jimmy’s or Nappy Styles, which contain ingredients such as Black Seed and Honey, have the right elements to counter certain issues like ingrown hairs, or brittle dry beard. A nice finishing oil can add a sleek shine to the face, or beard, and leave you with a nice soft aroma.

Moisture is a huge part of the daily routine. Body butter, creams, and oils will rejuvenate dry skin or dry hair, and leave the body and face soft to the touch with an extra layer of protection from the damage of dryness. To moisturize means to hydrate, and just like you need a daily intake of water, your skin and hair needs a daily boost of moisture.

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